Our Services


CKRS offers the complete range of relocation services designed to meet the diverse needs of every client.

Through fine-tuned processes and well-trained staff and consultants, we are able to deliver a consistent high quality service, delivered with genuine empathy and our full dedication.




Relocation services uniquely made for you with a single point of contact to offer you personal and uncomplicated support from the time you take up contact with us until you are happily settled into your new home and life in London.

There’s a perfect location for everyone

In a city that is evolving and changing rapidly, where to live is not an easy decision as the choices and the scope are huge.

Orientation tours are designed as an “exploratory” day out to provide a general overview of neighbourhoods, schools and housing.  The tours are very useful for those who are looking for the most suitable location for their lifestyle and also for those who are still not quite sure about making the move to the UK.

An Orientation tour is an excellent introduction for you to make an informed decision on the location that will suit you and your family and also for you to understand the rental market and actual costs of living in different parts of London.

Orientation tours are tailored to the individual requirements and specific interests of our clients and include property viewings in each location.

Tours can be booked at relatively short notice and are usually 1 day but can also be longer, especially if you need to explore more locations.

We have a wide network of suppliers offering short-term accommodation in different London locations.  We can recommend and organise this for you so that you can make your decision remotely and the property can be ready for you on arrival to move into straight away.

Finding your new home

We spend a lot of time in the preparation and research stage in order to identify the right locations specifically for you, the properties that meet your requirements and budget and to avoid wasting your time on the home search days. And unlike other relocation companies, there is no real pre-set limit on the number of properties that we will  show you during a home search.

We start with a detailed Home Search Questionnaire from you followed-up by a briefing call to get to know you better and to discuss all requirements in relation to market realities in detail. We will be involved with you throughout the home search and on all property visits to make sure that you are well informed and we review the pros and cons of each property with you to assist you in making the right choice for yourself and your family.

The proper paperwork and procedures or dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

The most demanding part of the relocation process can often be the rental negotiation. This is when we can advise you on the best terms and negotiate them with the letting agent and landlord.  Our aim is to make sure that you are being offered the most favourable terms that suit your requirements and to protect you from any risks or surprises.  A detailed understanding of the whole process, good communication skills and established relationships with the letting agents is a big advantage for the contract negotiations.  We will guide and work with you to organise all the necessary documents, references and payments that you will need to supply so that you know that you are signing a fair tenancy agreement that you understand and that fully complies to all the regulations.

Personal ongoing support even after move in

We check everything so that when you and your movers arrive you can unpack and live there immediately.

We advise you on the best internet options, the nicest shops, the closest doctors, the friendliest dog walkers, the trendiest gym, the fastest pizza delivery, the safest parks, the nicest pubs, the best language school, the funkiest choir…the list is endless and is tailored to your interests so that you know where to go, to continue with all your activities and hobbies from home!

We believe that competent and friendly on-going support give our clients the added security and confidence they need to adjust quickly and happily to a foreign environment.

We offer school searches for all private and foreign schools and we can give you information on the application processes for state schools too.

Additional advice, support and information

Immigration services and assistance with the biometric visa applications are outsourced to a specialist but can be co-ordinated by us

Partner and Spousal support can be provided, depending on the scope required, either by CKRS London or by a specialist consultant.

Nannies and au-pair searches can be initiated by us or we can put you in touch with the right agencies

Most domestic pet related matters are handled by us too although sometimes for larger animals we may need the assistance from specialist providers


When one assignment comes to an end, another one is just beginning.

Our objective is to ensure that our client’s departure is as smooth and as easy as their arrival

We make sure that terminations are delivered on time and in the correct form.

We gather cost proposals from at least three moving companies for cost comparison purposes; and act as the liaison between you and the selected moving company on scheduling the move-out dates.

We ensure that all accounts for council tax, contracts for memberships, insurances and utilities are cancelled in a timely manner and will arrange for refunds to be obtained and credited to your account.  We will advise you on closing accounts and new mail redirection services etc.

With you we will assess the amount of renovation required according to terms of the rental contract  and will arrange for decorating and cleaning companies to give quotes and dates and supervise all work carried out on the property so that the standards as laid out for the return of the deposit are met.

We will represent you and your interests at the Inventory check out with the landlord to ensure fair dilapidation charges only are made and that the property is returned in accordance to the terms agreed in your tenancy agreement.

We check the report to make sure that it is fair and that you security deposit it returned to you in accordance to the terms of the agreement.


Representing you as the buyer and focussing solely on your requirements in helping you find your perfect London property and guiding you through the buying process.

The first step in every property search is to arrange for a meeting and to learn about your requirements and how best to assist you with your property search. We discuss current market conditions and trends and how to maximise what is achievable within your budget. Your consultant will be your single point of contact and will assist as much as required from arranging all the viewings, vetting properties, negotiating with the agents and arranging you move in requirements.

As search consultants we work hard to understand what each of our clients want from their property in particular with regard to budget, style, architecture and the internal layout.  We also focus on schools, public transport and journey times to and from work / schools, safety aspects,  sports and leisure facilities including local amenities and recreational areas such as parks etc.

We pride ourselves on being sensitive to your requirements and in being able to empathise with you and your individual needs.

From your brief we focus on the residential areas that best matches your individual requirements and expectations with regard to the property size, location and budget. We contact all reputable high street and independent estate agents, developers, family offices and estate landlords to find out about the suitable properties on the market or those that are being marketed quietly or any that may be coming to the market in the near future. Our exhaustive approach will give you early access to properties.

We have well-established relationships with estate agents, who give us priority information on properties. They in turn value the efficiency we bring to the home buying process and know that we have serious and committed clients.

Whilst estate agents represent the vendor, we only represent you, the buyer.  Our approach is therefore to offer completely unbiased support to ensure you find the right property at the right price.

It takes about 7-14 days for us to vet and to identify the finest properties available for you to view.

– For you – If you are abroad and depending on your availability, we can view properties on your behalf. We will try and take photos and short videos for you and can send you a comprehensive pro and con list scored against your search criteria.

– With you – If you are in London then it is preferable that you attend all the viewings of the shortlisted properties with us.   We will provide you with our reasons for the recommendation as well as any critiques and shortcomings.  This way, you can make an informed decision on whether to view or not.

We will work with you to establish the best offer price based on comparable data of other similar properties and the current market trend.   We will work with you to find a suitable negotiation strategy, we place the offer and negotiate the best terms for you.

You will be required to co-ordinate with your bank, mortgage companies, lawyers, solicitors and surveyors independently unless otherwise agreed.  This is, in our opinion, the most efficient way to ensure that the purchase proceeds as smoothly as possible and that contracts are exchanged as swiftly as possible.  We will be available for assistance throughout the purchase process

On completion day we are there for you and can arrange for the collection and hand over of keys. We can give advice on removal companies and  co-ordinate with them on dates and access.

We will arrange for connection for all the utility services and can advise and arrange for telephone, Internet and TV cable connections etc.

We will continue offering you advice and assistance after you have moved into your new home.